Re: [PATCH V6 1/1] usb:serial: Add Fintek F81532/534 driver

From: Peter Hung
Date: Wed Nov 04 2015 - 21:55:36 EST


Peter Hung 於 2015/11/3 上午 11:51 寫道:
> This driver is for Fintek F81532/F81534 USB to Serial Ports IC.
> Changelog:
> v6
> 1. Re-implement the write()/resume() function. Due to this device cant be
> suitable with generic write(), we'll do the submit write URB when
> write()/received tx empty/set_termios()/resume()
> 2. Logic/Phy Port mapping rewrite in f81534_port_probe() &
> f81534_phy_to_logic_port().
> 3. Introduced "Port Hide" function. Some customer use F81532 reference
> design for HW layout, but really use F81534 IC. We'll check
> F81534_PORT_CONF_DISABLE_PORT flag with in uart mode field to do
> port hide with port not used. It can be avoid end-user to use not
> layouted port.
> 4. The 4x3 output-only open-drain pins for F81532/534 is designed for
> control outer devices (with our EVB for examples, the 4 sets of pins
> are designed to control transceiver mode). So we decide to implement
> with gpiolib interface.

I need to do some improvements with senior advices, so I'll send
v7 patch when I modify & re-test the code complete.

Could you give me some roughly advices of this patch when you having

Thanks for your help
With Best Regards,
Peter Hung
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