Re: [PATCH v5 0/4] Exynos SROMc configuration and Ethernet support for SMDK5410

From: Krzysztof Kozlowski
Date: Thu Nov 05 2015 - 03:51:56 EST

On 05.11.2015 17:44, Pavel Fedin wrote:
> Hello!
>>>>> This patchset also depends on Exynos 5410 pinctrl support, introduced by
>>>>> patches 0003 and 0004 from this set:
>>>>> [PATCH v4 0/5] ARM: EXYNOS: ODROID-XU DT and LEDs
>>>> Only the first patch made up to kernel. The rest (2-5) received feedback
>>>> and I am waiting for fixing it. Andreas apparently loose the interest...
>>> I have rechecked the original thread on archives and found nothing new. Where can
>>> i read those feedbacks? Perhaps it makes sense for me to pick them up and include
>>> into my set.
>> Go ahead. The only waiting feedback is at patch 2/5:
>> Javier's pointed use of linux,stdout-path and putting xxti in
>> exynos5410.dtsi (and customizing it per board if needed).
>> Patches already got reviews and acks so only 2/5 is the stopper.
> Ah, it's odroidXU device tree. Sorry, i don't have this particular board, and my patch actually doesn't need it. I could do some
> blind modifications, but cannot test them, and this is out of my scope at all.
> As mentioned in the commit msg, i need only 0003 and 0004 from there. Can they be picked up independently? They don't need 0002 by
> themselves, only 0005 needs it.

Indeed the order of patches is messed up and this makes the confusion. I
was waiting for resend of entire patchset but you are right - this is
not required. 3 and 4 can be applied independently.

If they apply, I will pick up them after merge window.
If they don't, they will need rebasing by someone. Maybe you can take
care of them? You have the SMDK5410 for testing, right?

Best regards,
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