Re: [PATCH RFC 7/7] irqchip: [Example] dummy wired interrupt/MSI bridge driver

From: Marc Zyngier
Date: Thu Nov 05 2015 - 04:36:00 EST

On 05/11/15 08:25, Gabriele Paoloni wrote:
> Hi Marc
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>> On 04/11/15 08:00, majun (F) wrote:


>>> I think,for a interrupt controller, msichip driver initialization maybe is
>> too late
>>> for some devices which connect to this irqchip if we use
>> module_platform_driver.
>> That's a consequence of this design. This is why I insisted on the fact
>> that this is currently avoided by using deferred probe in drivers, and
> Mmm using te deferred probe would mean to rework all the drivers of the
> potential devices connected to mbi-gen...would that be sustainable/acceptable?

I'm tempted to reply "Not my problem". Or rather, not a problem I'm
trying to solve right now (or any time soon).

I'm pretty sure that sprinkling -EPROBE_DEFER on all possible drivers
will result in a resounding NAK, which is is why I suggested that
someone with a vested interest dedicates some quality time helping those
who are trying to solve this issue for good.

>> that it should be solved by having a probe order. Either way, this is
>> not something that we can solve at that level (see the multiple proposal
>> for this on the various lists).
> Could you point me to the relevant discussions for this...?

Google is, as always, your dearest friend. But here you go:

- LWN has some quality coverage of the KS discussions (assuming you're a
subscriber, otherwise you'll have to wait for another week):

- There is also Tomeu Vizoso's series, which itself builds upon other
previous attempts at solving this:


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