Re: [PATCH 5/8] mm: memcontrol: account socket memory on unified hierarchy

From: Johannes Weiner
Date: Thu Nov 05 2015 - 17:52:14 EST

On Thu, Nov 05, 2015 at 03:55:22PM -0500, Johannes Weiner wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 05, 2015 at 03:40:02PM +0100, Michal Hocko wrote:
> > This would be true if they moved on to the new cgroup API intentionally.
> > The reality is more complicated though. AFAIK sysmted is waiting for
> > cgroup2 already and privileged services enable all available resource
> > controllers by default as I've learned just recently.
> Have you filed a report with them? I don't think they should turn them
> on unless users explicitely configure resource control for the unit.

Okay, verified with systemd people that they're not planning on
enabling resource control per default.

Inflammatory half-truths, man. This is not constructive.
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