Re: Mobility Radeon HD 4530/4570/545v: flicker in 1920x1080

From: Michel DÃnzer
Date: Thu Nov 05 2015 - 21:25:23 EST

On 06.11.2015 05:23, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>>>> The flickering would vanish completely if that's the reason for the issue
>>>> you are seeing.
>>>> Try setting ref_div_min and ref_div_max to 2 in
>>>> radeon_compute_pll_avivo().
>>> Ok, I did this, but no luck, still flickers. But the flicker only
>>> happens when something changes on screen, like dragging a big
>>> window. Is that consistent with wrong PLL timings?
>> Does it go away with radeon.dpm=0? Sounds more like either memory
>> reclocking happening outside of vblank, or underflow to the display
>> controllers.
> No, it does not:
> pavel@half:~$ cat /proc/cmdline
> BOOT_IMAGE=(hd0,2)/l/linux/arch/x86/boot/bzImage root=/dev/sda4
> resume=/dev/sda1 radeon.dpm=0
> ..and same issue. And yes, it looks like an underflow to me. How can I
> debug reclocking / underflows?

Does radeon.disp_priority=2 help?

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