Re: [RFC 3/3] ARM: e3xx: Add header file for pinctrl constants

From: Moritz Fischer
Date: Fri Nov 06 2015 - 11:01:32 EST

Hi Arnd,

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 12:54 AM, Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thursday 05 November 2015 15:41:23 Moritz Fischer wrote:
>> +/* Pin names for the E31x usecase */
>> +#define E31X_TX_BANDSEL_2 "DB_1"
>> +#define E31X_RX1B_BANDSEL_0 "DB_3"
>> +#define E31X_RX1B_BANDSEL_1 "DB_5"
>> +#define E31X_VCTXRX2_V2 "DB_7"
>> +#define E31X_TX_ENABLE1A "DB_9"
>> +#define E31X_TX_ENABLE2A "DB_11"
>> +#define E31X_TX_BANDSEL_0 "DB_12"
> Why not put the strings directly into the .dts files and change the
> lookup table in the driver accordingly:
> +static const struct pinctrl_pin_desc e3xx_pins[] = {
> + /* pin0 doesn't exist */

That's actually the way I initially had it, however the pin names
literally changed
in the schematic depending on which daughter-board you stick into the slot.
So my plan was to add the #defines for the second daughter-board in a
follow up patch
once the pin assignment is final. This would allow me to have something like:

pins = E31X_TX_BANDSEL_2;

in one .dts, while having something like

pins = E33X_TX_BANDSEL_2
output low;

in the second dts

The other option would have been to stick a e31x_pins and a e33x_pins
into the driver,
and set them according to a compatible string or "ettus,daughterboard"
property on probe.

Does that make sense, or do you think there's a cleaner / better way
to achieve this sort of behavior?

Thanks for your feedback!

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