Improvement of trails and tutorials to become a kernel developer / maintainer

From: Patrick Plattes
Date: Fri Nov 06 2015 - 12:16:01 EST


I'm interested since a very long time in kernel development, but I
never saw the right path to become familiar with parts of the kernel.
I read a bit of ipc code and ext* code, but since I often don't know
any possible next steps I moved back to something else in the user

I really like the tutorial on FirstKernelPatch an I
had the idea to create this type of tutorial as a training for
specific kernel subsystems eg. ipc, file systems, usb drivers, ...

A structure of such a tutorial could look like that: (eg scheduler)

1. Introduction / Goal
[5 sentences of the goal - what should be archived by this tutorial]
- understand scheduling in the linux kernel
- write your own scheduler
- ...
2. Preparation
2.1 Understand how to write a kernel patch:
2.2 Understand the goal of Scheduling:
3. User space view
3.1 Read and understand:
3.1.1 Questions
3.2 Exercise: Write a program that does A
3.3 Exercise: Write a program that does B
3.4 Exercise: Write a program that does C
4. Kernel
4.1 Read and understand:
4.1.1 Questions
4.2 Read API description: http://...
4.3 Exercise (understanding): Read and understand function xxxx_yyyy()
4.4 Exercise (understanding: Change the implementation of xxxx_yyyy(),
so that ...
4.5 Exercise (debugging): checkout version 123456 and fix the
following (old) bug
4.6 Final Exercise (developing): Write your own scheduler with the
following algorithm...

In my opinion that could help a lot of interested people to have a
guided tour though the kernel. It could really lower barriers, also in
terms of the fear of communication.

I am NOT able to to produce it by myself, but I can help to structure
it, review it and also answer questions. I would also maintain them in
case of changes and test the tutorials on a regular basis to keep them
up to date. I also would improve the tutorial from a newbie point of
view ;)

If there is someone out there that is also interested in doing it
please let me know.

And if there is something like this out there please let me know, so I
can maybe support this project :)

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