Re: [RFC PATCH 0/2] net: mvneta: Introduce RSS support

From: Marcin Wojtas
Date: Fri Nov 06 2015 - 14:37:45 EST

Hi Gregory,

> I also choose to associate all the TX queues on the same CPU that the
> one associated to the RX queue. It allows to contain all the
> interrupts on the same CPU. I think that an improvement on this side
> would be the support of the XPS.

Did you make some tries? E.g. after mapping certain txqs to CPU1, when
using them was mvneta_tx() executing only on this CPU? Or it rather
means that the irq will hit according to the mapping? As far as I know
the HW, the latter should be true, which would mean the real XPS with
this controller is impossible and the maximum we can control is the

I think it may be worth to unmask TX irqs on all cpus, so all percpu
napi's would be able to read tx_cause and process sent packets. I'm
looking forward to your opinion.

Best regards,
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