[PATCH v3 00/11] staging: fsl-mc: MC bus MSI support

From: J. German Rivera
Date: Fri Nov 06 2015 - 20:48:50 EST

This patch series addresses the following item from the TODO list
for the MC bus driver to exit staging:

* Interrupt support. For meaningful driver support we need
interrupts, and thus need message interrupt support by the bus

MC Bus MSI Support Architecture
A new IRQ domain bus token is added for the FSL-MC bus.
An MSI IRQ domain is created for each top-level (root) data-path
resource container (DPRC), based on its msi-parent in the device
tree (which is the GIC-ITS). Child DPRCs inherit the MSI IRQ
domain form their parent DPRC.

MC Bus MSI Allocation
Given the way in which the GIC-ITS works, we need to pre-allocate
a block of MSIs in the GIC-ITS for the IRQs of all the DPAA2 objects
in the same data-path resource container (DPRC) and for the IRQ of
the DPRC iself.

This is due to the fact that all the IRQs for DPAA2 objects in the
same DPRC (and the DPRC's own IRQ) must use the same "device Id" in
the GIC-ITS. Thus, all these IRQs must share the same ITT table in
the GIC-ITS, and therefore must be allocated in the GIC-ITS as
a block of MSIs for the same "device Id".

This is because all the DPAA2 objects in the same DPRC (and the
DPRC itself) use the DPRC's SMMU stream ID as their device Id for
the GIC-ITS.
The DPAA2 Management Complex (MC) firmware does not assign a separate
SMMU stream ID to each DPAA2 object. The MC only assigns SMMU stream
IDs to DPRCs. In MC terms, the stream ID assigned to a DPRC is known
as the DPRC's Isolation Context ID (ICID).

As a consequence of having to pre-allocate a block of MSIs in
the GIC-ITS, the object allocator of the MC bus driver needs to be
extended to provide IRQ allocation services to DPAA2 device drivers
and to the DPRC driver. For a given DPAA2 object, MSIs are allocated
from the corresponding DPRC's pool of pre-allocated MSIs. The MSI
for the DPRC itself is also allocated from this pool.

The following are the patches in this series:

Patch 1: Added domain bus token DOMAIN_BUS_FSL_MC_MSI
Patch 2: Added generic MSI support for FSL-MC devices
Patch 3: Added GICv3-ITS support for FSL-MC MSIs
Patch 4: Extended MC bus allocator to include IRQs
Patch 5: Changed DPRC built-in portal's mc_io to be atomic
Patch 6: Populate the IRQ pool for an MC bus instance
Patch 7: Set MSI domain for DPRC objects
Patch 8: Fixed bug in dprc_probe() error path
Patch 9: Added DPRC interrupt handler
Patch 10: Added MSI support to the MC bus driver


Changes in v3:
- Addressed comment from Marc Zyngier for patch 3.
See details in patch 3.

Changes in v2:
- Addressed comment from Jiang Liu in patch 2.
See details in patch 2.
- Addressed comment from Dan Carpenter in patch 9
See details in patch 9.

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