Re: kdbus refactoring?

From: Richard Weinberger
Date: Mon Nov 09 2015 - 03:37:28 EST

Am 09.11.2015 um 09:34 schrieb David Herrmann:
> Hi
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 1:53 AM, Josh Triplett <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Quoting Documentation/development-process/1.Intro:
> [...]
>>> Years of experience with the kernel development community have taught a
>>> clear lesson: kernel code which is designed and developed behind closed
>>> doors invariably has problems which are only revealed when the code is
>>> released into the community. Sometimes these problems are severe,
>>> requiring months or years of effort before the code can be brought up to
>>> the kernel community's standards.
> [...]
>> And I've seen you specifically recommend having such conversations early
>> and often.
> I think comparing kdbus to "behind closed doors" development models is
> unfair. We chose to center our development around DBus, not the
> kernel. Anybody who is interested in kdbus discussions could have
> easily joined the DBus and systemd communication channels (and *many*
> people did). I see little reason in cross-posting everything to LKML,
> especially given that our communication is rarely mail-based.

I agree, "behind the doors" is not true. But a mailinglist with achieves
would be nice.
IIRC last time I've asked you said that all discussion happened privately
or on IRC. Which is okay but not that transparent.

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