Re: [kbuild-all] [PATCH V3 4/4] dma: add Qualcomm Technologies HIDMA channel driver

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Nov 11 2015 - 03:43:08 EST

On Wednesday 11 November 2015 10:21:03 Fengguang Wu wrote:
> Hi Sinan,
> Sorry please ignore this warning -- it's actually a problem specific
> to the mn10300 arch. I'll disable such warning in mn10300 in future.

I just tried to find what happened here. mn10300 appears to define
the type based on the gcc version:

#if __GNUC__ == 4
typedef unsigned int __kernel_size_t;
typedef signed int __kernel_ssize_t;
typedef unsigned long __kernel_size_t;
typedef signed long __kernel_ssize_t;

while gcc defines it based on whether you are using a Linux targetted
gcc or a bare-metal one:

gcc/config/mn10300/linux.h:#undef SIZE_TYPE
gcc/config/mn10300/mn10300.h:#undef SIZE_TYPE
gcc/config/mn10300/mn10300.h:#define SIZE_TYPE "unsigned int"

I can think of two reasons why it went wrong here:

a) You are using gcc-5.x, and the check in the kernel should be ">="
rather than "==". We should probably fix that regardless

b) You are using a bare-metal gcc rather than a Linux version.

I couldn't find an mn10300 gcc on, which one do you use?

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