Re: [PATCH 1/1] can: sja1000: clear interrupts on start

From: Marc Kleine-Budde
Date: Wed Nov 11 2015 - 05:06:46 EST

On 11/11/2015 10:54 AM, Mirza Krak wrote:
> 2015-11-11 9:04 GMT+01:00 Marc Kleine-Budde <mkl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> This problem occurs only an hardware, where the SJA1000 is powered
>> during system suspend?
> Correct, and the controller is in UP state.
>> Doesn't the SJA1000 trigger an interrupt that is detected after
>> resuming? You add the fix to the open() function, which is triggered
>> during $(ifconfig up), how is related to suspend/resume? Does the
>> network layer call $(ifconfig down) during shutdown?
> It does not trigger another interrupt.

Can you put a scope on the interrupt pin and see if it's a problem of
the SoC and/or Linux or the SJA1000 not pulling the IRQ line.

> In our tests we have seen that IE and EPI flags are set in the IR
> registered when we resume the system. If we do not clear these two
> flags it does not produce any other interrupts. Setting the controller
> in to reset mode does not clear the IE and EPI flags, I can understand
> that IE flag is not cleared as this is stated in the data-sheet, can
> not explain why EPI flag is not cleared though as data-sheet states 0
> (reset) for both hardware reset and SETTING MOD.0 BY SOFTWARE (which
> is the reset-mode)
> Reason I put it in open() is so at least a DOWN/UP procedure returns
> the controller to an operating state. Also if we do an UP we should
> clear any earlier states that might exist in the registers like we do
> with error counters and error code capture.

Yes - makes sense to have it in open().

> Network layer does not call $(ifconfig down) during shutdown.
>> There isn't any suspend/resume code in the sja1000 driver, for me it
>> seems that we should add resume code that handles this problem.
> Yes, resume code should be implemented to handle this and other
> problems (receive data). But still a DOWN/UP procedure should clear
> any previous state that could exist in the controller registers.

I'll add your patch to can/master and add stable on Cc. Looking forward
for some suspend/resume code :)


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