[PATCH v2 0/2] ASoC: Add support for DA7217 and DA7218 audio codecs

From: Adam Thomson
Date: Wed Nov 11 2015 - 10:40:41 EST

This patch set adds DT and ASoC codec driver support for DA7217 and DA7218.

Changes are based against v4.3 kernel version.

Changes in v2:
- Removed Internal LDO voltage selection from DT
- BiQuad filter coefficients removed from DT, no programmed using mixer
- ALC calibration no longer bypasses regmap cache and instead saves & restores
registers around procedure, to avoid issues with concurrent regmap access.
- Removed all unnecessary default settings for mixers in probe.
- Reporting of mic level detection event to user-space, through input
VOICECOMMAND key event, removed as not intended for this purpose. Alternative
solution required as follow up. Event masked off until solution in place.
- Additional error checking & loggin around mclk usage, in sysclk and
bias_level functions.

Adam Thomson (2):
ASoC: da7218: Add bindings documentation for DA7218 audio codec
ASoC: codecs: Add da7218 codec driver

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/da7218.txt | 106 +
include/sound/da7218.h | 109 +
sound/soc/codecs/da7218.c | 3305 ++++++++++++++++++++
sound/soc/codecs/da7218.h | 1415 +++++++++
4 files changed, 4935 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/da7218.txt
create mode 100644 include/sound/da7218.h
create mode 100644 sound/soc/codecs/da7218.c
create mode 100644 sound/soc/codecs/da7218.h


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