[Patch-V2 0/6] HID: Support for the Logitech G920 Wheel

From: Simon Wood
Date: Thu Nov 12 2015 - 11:25:51 EST

Patch-V2 tweaked as per Benjamin's requests.

This series of patches provide input support for the Logitech G920 gaming wheel.

This wheel is internally different from the other Logitech wheels; when first
connected it is in X-Box mode and can instructed to switch to HID with a 'magic
command' (1st patch). Once the wheel reconnects in HID mode it can communicate
with the HID++ protocol, but using a 'very long' packet size (2nd patch).

Basic input operation is possible with adustment of the 'range' (the amount that
the wheel turns) controlled via the '/sys' interface, same concept as the G25/G27/etc.

We also discovered that wheel uses some vendor specific pages, which confuse the
HID system resulting in lots of additional axis reported. This is prevented by
ignoring these pages (5th patch, thank you Elias).

Note: These patches are applied to Jiri's 'for-next' tree to work with the other
HID++ changes already queued for 4.4.

The future... as the internals of the wheel are considerably more 'capable' we
are working on implementing Force Feedback using the forth-coming KLGD system.

[Patch-V2 1/6] INPUT: xpad: Add minimal support for Logitech G920
[Patch-V2 2/6] HID: hid-logitech-hidpp: Add support for very long
[Patch-V2 3/6] HID: hid-logitech-hidpp: Add basic support for
[Patch-V2 4/6] HID: hid-logitech-hidpp: Add range sysfs for Logitech
[Patch-V2 5/6] HID: Add vendor specific usage pages for Logitech G920
[Patch-V2 6/6] HID: hid-logitech-hidpp: G920 remove deadzones
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