Re: [PATCH RFC] ioctl based CAT interface

From: Luiz Capitulino
Date: Fri Nov 13 2015 - 14:08:58 EST

On Fri, 13 Nov 2015 14:39:33 -0200
Marcelo Tosatti <mtosatti@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Attached is an early version of the ioctl based CAT interface we
> have been working on.

We're also writing a user-space app that can manage reservations
from user-space. It's integrated with util-linux. I'll setup a repo
shortly to share the source code, but here are some examples:

Create a global 2MB reservation:

# cacheset --create 2M

Create a 2MB reservation on CPUs 0 and 1:

# cacheset --create 2M --cpu-list 0,1
# cacheset --create 2M 0x3

Attach pid 4901 to reservation ID 1

# cacheset --attach 4901 1

Detach pid 4901 to reservation ID 1

# cacheset --detach 4901 1

Delete reservation ID 1

# cacheset --delete 1
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