Re: [PATCH 1/9] move blk_iopoll to limit and make it generally available

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Sat Nov 14 2015 - 02:02:55 EST

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 05:23:39PM +0200, Or Gerlitz wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 3:46 PM, Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxx> wrote:
> > The new name is irq_poll as iopoll is already taken. Better suggestions
> > welcome.
> Sagi (or Christoph if you can address that),
> @ some pointer over the last 18 months there was a port done at
> mellanox for iser to use blk-iopoll and AFAIR it didn't work well or
> didn't work at all. Can you tell now what was the problem and how did
> you address it at your generalization?

Hi Or,

Sagi mentioned last time he tried a similar approach in iSER he saw
some large latency sparks. We've seen nothing worse than the original
approach. The Flash memory summit slide set has some numbers:

they aren't quite up to date, but the latency distribution hasn't
really changed.
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