[PATCH v1 0/2] fix the defect that pcc-cpufreq's pcc_get_freq() sometimes can't get correct CPU frequency

From: Zhang, Lin-Bao (Linux Kernel R&D)
Date: Mon Nov 16 2015 - 05:36:05 EST

Summary :

These 2 patches are developed for drivers/cpufreq/pcc-cpufreq.c's pcc_get_freq() function.
The pcc-cpufreq driver's function pcc_get_freq() sometimes returns invalid frequency information.
Without the these 2 patches , it can be reproduced on booting Linux Kernel with loading pcc-cpufreq.ko and loop unloading/loading pcc-cpufreq.ko.
This problem has been reported on ProLiant systems, primarily 4-socket systems, for example DL580Gen8.

Generally speaking, as PCC spec,patch 1 can ideally ensure to get correct cpu freqency if FW works well.
if it fails, patch 2 can be run to retry 2 times to get cpu freq as workaround.

These 2 patches are written by HP's greg.pearson@xxxxxxx , enhanced/verified by Linbao.zhang@xxxxxxx

PATCH 1/2:
in Processor Clocking Control specification v1.0 ,there are 2 limitations :
2.1.8 Minimum Time Between Commands
2.1.9 Maximum Time Between Commands
that means 2 commands' interval should be located between Minimum Time Between Commands and Maximum

Time Between Commands.
this patch implements this feature,while old pcc-cpufreq.c didn't strictly follow the spec.
ideally , this patch ensure pcc_get_freq() return valid freq based on the fact FW is working well.

PATCH 2/2:
if pcc_get_freq() returns 0, we will retry 2 times at most. This is a workaround patch, although it is 100% perfect.This works around a firmware/timing issue. In very rare case , it also will fail after retrying 2 times due to firmware issue. Based on current pcc cpufreq design , this workaround would be the best solution by confirmation with FW guys. patch 2 has been adoted by sles11sp4.

Detailed testing data can be found as following :

our testing result on DL580Gen8 with upstream kernel:
a) loop unloading/loading pcc driver within 14 hours , pcc_get_freq() always succeed , the patch always succeeded, don't need the second patch to workaround
b) loop rebooting DL580Gen8 with git kernel: by writting a shell script, found about rebooting 200+ times, patch 1 and patch 2 may both failed once, means pcc_get_freq() returns 0 frequency,although its possibility is very very low.
pcc_get_freq() doesn't affect pcc-cpufreq driver loading ,because they are running different path.
in this loop rebooting test , pcc-cpufreq can always be loaded successfully.

We can say ,patch 1 and patch 2 would be the best solution for this issue.

Zhang Lin-Bao (2):
enforce max/min time between commands
retry 2 times when getting cpu frequency is zero

drivers/cpufreq/pcc-cpufreq.c | 51 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
1 file changed, 50 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)


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