Re: [PATCH 1/2] leds-bcm6328: Reuse bcm6328_led_set() instead of copying its functionality

From: Jacek Anaszewski
Date: Mon Nov 16 2015 - 09:38:53 EST

Hi Simon,

On 11/15/2015 02:32 PM, Simon Arlott wrote:
When ensuring a consistent initial LED state in bcm6328_led (as they may
be blinking instead of on/off), the LED register is set using an inverted
copy of bcm6328_led_set(). To avoid further errors relating to active low
handling, call this function directly instead.

Signed-off-by: Simon Arlott <simon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I've decided not to move the locking as it should really cover the
setting of led->cdev.brightness too (not that it matters as the device
is not yet registered).

drivers/leds/leds-bcm6328.c | 8 ++------
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/leds/leds-bcm6328.c b/drivers/leds/leds-bcm6328.c
index c7ea5c6..95d0cf9 100644
--- a/drivers/leds/leds-bcm6328.c
+++ b/drivers/leds/leds-bcm6328.c
@@ -314,14 +314,10 @@ static int bcm6328_led(struct device *dev, struct device_node *nc, u32 reg,
} else {
led->cdev.brightness = LED_OFF;
- if ((led->active_low && led->cdev.brightness == LED_FULL) ||
- (!led->active_low && led->cdev.brightness == LED_OFF))
- bcm6328_led_mode(led, BCM6328_LED_MODE_ON);
- else
- bcm6328_led_mode(led, BCM6328_LED_MODE_OFF);
spin_unlock_irqrestore(lock, flags);

+ bcm6328_led_set(&led->cdev, led->cdev.brightness);

You're not protecting bcm6328_led_set with spin_lock here.
Please describe why this is not needed in the commit message.

led->cdev.brightness_set = bcm6328_led_set;
led->cdev.blink_set = bcm6328_blink_set;

Best Regards,
Jacek Anaszewski
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