Re: [PATCH] phy: phy-mt65xx-usb3: fix test fail of HS receiver sensitivity

From: Greg KH
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 01:16:26 EST

On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 02:02:58PM +0800, Chunfeng Yun wrote:
> when use the default value 8 of RG_USB20_SQTH, the HS receiver
> sensitivity test of HQA will fail, set it as 2 to fix up the
> issue.
> Change-Id: Ia5bdbbfc8ebb170d3ef26007e665b7350b6d28ab

What is this field for? Hint, it should never be there for a patch you
submit upstream as it means nothing...

greg k-h
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