Re: [PATCH 12/13] perf test: Test BPF prologue

From: Wangnan (F)
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 03:45:17 EST

Hi Arnaldo,

On 2015/11/17 9:29, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:

I've pushed everything to my perf/ebpf branch, please let me know if
what is there is acceptable, then it will be up to Ingo to decide where
to put this, if in perf/urgent for this merge window, or in perf/core,
for the next one.

I have checked and tested your changes in your perf/ebpf and they
are okay to me.

Ah, to extract the output for these BPF sub-tests I had to use -v, i.e.

# perf test BPF
37: Test BPF filter : Ok

Ditto for the LLVM one.

Doesn't tell us too much about all those nice sub-tests...

How about:

# perf test -v BPF
37: Test BPF filter:
37.1: test a : Ok
37.2: test b : Ok
37.3: Test BPF prologue generation : Ok
37.4: Another... : Ok
37: Test BPF filter : Ok

I have sent a cset based on perf/ebpf in [1]. With the last 3 patch
you will see 'perf test' output information in this way. Please have a try:

# ./perf test LLVM BPF
35: Test LLVM searching and compiling :
35.1: Basic BPF llvm compiling test : Ok
35.2: Test kbuild searching : Ok
35.3: Compile source for BPF prologue generation test : Ok
37: Test BPF filter :
37.1: Test basic BPF filtering : Ok
37.2: Test BPF prologue generation : Ok

Thank you.


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