Re: [PATCH 3/9] IB: add a helper to safely drain a QP

From: Sagi Grimberg
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 03:54:13 EST

That won't work for iWARP. Is this code new? I didn't see any errors that would result from this code when I tested iSER over
cxgb4 with the old iwarp support patches.

It's there since ~3.17 I think...

Perhaps we need another way to do this? Like a completion object in the QP that gets triggered when the SQ and RQ become empty
after a transition to ERROR (and CLOSING for iwarp). Then a core service that just waits until the QP is empty. Implementation of
this design would hit the providers though since only they know when the flush is completed.

ULPs need a drain functionality, so ib_drain_qp() is the way to go...

How about we add a drain_qp() callout and have:

if (qp->device->drain_qp) {

IB drain qp logic...

This way iWARP devices can have their own magic on how to implement this

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