Re: [PATCH 10/14] irqchip/mips-gic: Add a IPI hierarchy domain

From: Qais Yousef
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 05:30:56 EST

On 11/17/2015 10:11 AM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
Right, I was assuming a consecutive available space and your hardware
folks should really avoid to break that assumption.

Now you still need some DT support to describe the space which is
available for IPIs and that should be part of that series.

It's a simple change that shouldn't be a problem adding it to this series. I just wanted to avoid having to take more acks from more maintainers for this series to go in. But if it's needed, then it is what it is.

Maybe I'm better off sending this change separately actually as it's independent from other changes and could be merged in first.

Thanks for being patient and persistant on that!

Thanks a lot for your help and patience too!

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