[PATCH v11 20/24] perf config: Add --verbose option for showing config description

From: Taeung Song
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 13:33:21 EST

To explain what each of variable options configures,
this option can be used with --skel option, i.e.

print the possible config variables with comments over each of them.
# perf config -k -v | --skel --verbose

Cc: Namhyung Kim <namhyung@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Jiri Olsa <jolsa@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Taeung Song <treeze.taeung@xxxxxxxxx>
tools/perf/builtin-config.c | 161 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
1 file changed, 104 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/perf/builtin-config.c b/tools/perf/builtin-config.c
index 2f8be59..c84ea7d 100644
--- a/tools/perf/builtin-config.c
+++ b/tools/perf/builtin-config.c
@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ static struct option config_options[] = {
OPT_SET_UINT('k', "skel", &actions,
"produce an skeleton with the possible"
" config variables", ACTION_SKEL),
+ OPT_INCR('v', "verbose", &verbose, "Be more verbose"
+ " (show config description)"),
OPT_BOOLEAN(0, "system", &use_system_config, "use system config file"),
OPT_BOOLEAN(0, "user", &use_user_config, "use user config file"),
@@ -108,68 +110,111 @@ struct config_item {
const char *s;
} value;
enum config_type type;
+ const char *desc;

-#define CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, _field, _val, _type) \
- { .section = _sec, .name = _name, .value._field = _val, .type = _type }
-#define CONF_BOOL_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, b, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_BOOL)
-#define CONF_INT_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, i, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_INT)
-#define CONF_LONG_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, l, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_LONG)
-#define CONF_U64_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, ll, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_U64)
-#define CONF_FLOAT_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, f, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_FLOAT)
-#define CONF_DOUBLE_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, d, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_DOUBLE)
-#define CONF_STR_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val) \
- [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, s, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_STRING)
+#define CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, _field, _val, _type, _desc) \
+ { .section = _sec, .name = _name, .value._field = _val, .type = _type, .desc = _desc}
+#define CONF_BOOL_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, b, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_BOOL, _desc)
+#define CONF_INT_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, i, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_INT, _desc)
+#define CONF_LONG_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, l, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_LONG, _desc)
+#define CONF_U64_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, ll, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_U64, _desc)
+#define CONF_FLOAT_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, f, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_FLOAT, _desc)
+#define CONF_DOUBLE_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, d, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_DOUBLE, _desc)
+#define CONF_STR_VAR(_idx, _sec, _name, _val, _desc) \
+ [CONFIG_##_idx] = CONF_VAR(_sec, _name, s, _val, CONFIG_TYPE_STRING, _desc)
#define CONF_END() { .type = CONFIG_END }

struct config_item default_configs[] = {
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_TOP, "colors", "top", "red, default"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_MEDIUM, "colors", "medium", "green, default"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_NORMAL, "colors", "normal", "lightgray, default"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_SELECTED, "colors", "selected", "white, lightgray"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_CODE, "colors", "code", "blue, default"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_ADDR, "colors", "addr", "magenta, default"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_ROOT, "colors", "root", "white, blue"),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_REPORT, "tui", "report", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_ANNOTATE, "tui", "annotate", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_TOP, "tui", "top", true),
- CONF_STR_VAR(BUILDID_DIR, "buildid", "dir", "~/.debug"),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_HIDE_SRC_CODE, "annotate", "hide_src_code", false),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_USE_OFFSET, "annotate", "use_offset", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_JUMP_ARROWS, "annotate", "jump_arrows", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_SHOW_NR_JUMPS, "annotate", "show_nr_jumps", false),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_ANNOTATE, "gtk", "annotate", false),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_REPORT, "gtk", "report", false),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_TOP, "gtk", "top", false),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_CMD, "pager", "cmd", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_REPORT, "pager", "report", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_ANNOTATE, "pager", "annotate", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_TOP, "pager", "top", true),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_DIFF, "pager", "diff", true),
- CONF_STR_VAR(HELP_FORMAT, "help", "format", "man"),
- CONF_INT_VAR(HELP_AUTOCORRECT, "help", "autocorrect", 0),
- CONF_STR_VAR(HIST_PERCENTAGE, "hist", "percentage", "absolute"),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(UI_SHOW_HEADERS, "ui", "show-headers", true),
- CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_RECORD_MODE, "call-graph", "record-mode", "fp"),
- CONF_LONG_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_DUMP_SIZE, "call-graph", "dump-size", 8192),
- CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_PRINT_TYPE, "call-graph", "print-type", "graph"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_ORDER, "call-graph", "order", "callee"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_SORT_KEY, "call-graph", "sort-key", "function"),
- CONF_DOUBLE_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_THRESHOLD, "call-graph", "threshold", 0.5),
- CONF_LONG_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_PRINT_LIMIT, "call-graph", "print-limit", 0),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(REPORT_CHILDREN, "report", "children", true),
- CONF_FLOAT_VAR(REPORT_PERCENT_LIMIT, "report", "percent-limit", 0),
- CONF_U64_VAR(REPORT_QUEUE_SIZE, "report", "queue-size", 0),
- CONF_BOOL_VAR(TOP_CHILDREN, "top", "children", true),
- CONF_STR_VAR(MAN_VIEWER, "man", "viewer", "man"),
- CONF_STR_VAR(KMEM_DEFAULT, "kmem", "default", "slab"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_TOP, "colors", "top", "red, default",
+ "A overhead percentage which is more than 5%"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_MEDIUM, "colors", "medium", "green, default",
+ "A overhead percentage which has more than 0.5%"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_NORMAL, "colors", "normal", "lightgray, default",
+ "The rest of overhead percentages"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_SELECTED, "colors", "selected", "white, lightgray",
+ "The current entry in a list of entries on TUI"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_CODE, "colors", "code", "blue, default",
+ "Arrows and lines in jumps on assembly code listings"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_ADDR, "colors", "addr", "magenta, default",
+ "Addresses from 'annotate"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(COLORS_ROOT, "colors", "root", "white, blue",
+ "Headers in the output of a sub-command 'top'"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_REPORT, "tui", "report", true,
+ "TUI can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_ANNOTATE, "tui", "annotate", true,
+ "TUI can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(TUI_TOP, "tui", "top", true,
+ "TUI can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(BUILDID_DIR, "buildid", "dir", "~/.debug",
+ "The directory location of binaries, shared libraries,"
+ " /proc/kallsyms and /proc/kcore files to be used"
+ " at analysis time"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_HIDE_SRC_CODE, "annotate", "hide_src_code", false,
+ "Print a list of assembly code without the source code or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_USE_OFFSET, "annotate", "use_offset", true,
+ "Addresses subtracted from a base address can be printed"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_JUMP_ARROWS, "annotate", "jump_arrows", true,
+ "Arrows for jump instruction can be printed or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(ANNOTATE_SHOW_NR_JUMPS, "annotate", "show_nr_jumps", false,
+ "The number of branches branching to that address can be printed"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_ANNOTATE, "gtk", "annotate", false,
+ "GTK can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_REPORT, "gtk", "report", false,
+ "GTK can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(GTK_TOP, "gtk", "top", false,
+ "GTK can be enabled or not"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_CMD, "pager", "cmd", true,
+ "As stdio instead of TUI"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_REPORT, "pager", "report", true,
+ "As stdio instead of TUI"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_ANNOTATE, "pager", "annotate", true,
+ "As stdio instead of TUI"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_TOP, "pager", "top", true,
+ "As stdio instead of TUI"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(PAGER_DIFF, "pager", "diff", true,
+ "As stdio instead of TUI"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(HELP_FORMAT, "help", "format", "man", "A format of manual page"),
+ CONF_INT_VAR(HELP_AUTOCORRECT, "help", "autocorrect", 0,
+ "Automatically correct and execute mistyped commands after"
+ " waiting for the given number of deciseconds"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(HIST_PERCENTAGE, "hist", "percentage", "absolute",
+ "Control a way to calcurate overhead of filtered entries"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(UI_SHOW_HEADERS, "ui", "show-headers", true,
+ "Show or hide columns as header on TUI"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_RECORD_MODE, "call-graph", "record-mode", "fp",
+ "The mode can be 'fp' (frame pointer) and 'dwarf'"),
+ CONF_LONG_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_DUMP_SIZE, "call-graph", "dump-size", 8192,
+ "The size of stack to dump in order to do post-unwinding"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_PRINT_TYPE, "call-graph", "print-type", "graph",
+ "The type can be graph (graph absolute), fractal (graph relative), fla"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_ORDER, "call-graph", "order", "callee",
+ "Controls print order of callchains (callee or caller)"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_SORT_KEY, "call-graph", "sort-key", "function",
+ "It can be 'function' or 'address'"),
+ CONF_DOUBLE_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_THRESHOLD, "call-graph", "threshold", 0.5,
+ "Small callchains can be omitted under a certain overhead (threshold)"),
+ CONF_LONG_VAR(CALL_GRAPH_PRINT_LIMIT, "call-graph", "print-limit", 0,
+ "Control the number of callchains printed for a single entry"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(REPORT_CHILDREN, "report", "children", true,
+ "Accumulate callchain of children and show total overhead or not"),
+ CONF_FLOAT_VAR(REPORT_PERCENT_LIMIT, "report", "percent-limit", 0,
+ "Entries have overhead lower than this percentage will not be printed"),
+ CONF_U64_VAR(REPORT_QUEUE_SIZE, "report", "queue-size", 0,
+ "The maximum allocation size for session's ordered events queue"),
+ CONF_BOOL_VAR(TOP_CHILDREN, "top", "children", true,
+ "Similar as report.children"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(MAN_VIEWER, "man", "viewer", "man",
+ "Select manual tools that work a sub-command 'help'"),
+ CONF_STR_VAR(KMEM_DEFAULT, "kmem", "default", "slab",
+ "Which allocator is analyzed between 'slab' and 'page"),

@@ -291,6 +336,8 @@ static int show_skel_config(void)
section = (char *)config->section;
printf("\n[%s]\n", config->section);
+ if (verbose)
+ printf("\t# %s\n", config->desc);
printf("\t%s = %s\n", config->name, value);

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