[ANNOUNCE] kmod 22

From: Lucas De Marchi
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 19:23:17 EST

kmod 22 is out:


Tiny release:

- Tools:
- Change defaul log level for tools to WARNING rather than
ERROR and update
some log levels for current messages

- depmod doesn't fallback to uname if a bad version is passed
in the command
line anymore. We just exit with an error.

- insmod was taught the -f flag, just like in modprobe. It was
silently ignoring it.

- libkmod
- New kmod_get_dirname() API to get the module directory set in the

- Bug fixes:
- Fix return code in error path of kmod_module_insert_module(). We were
previously returning ENOSYS rather than ENOENT.

Laura Abbott (5):
README: Indicate cython requirements
modprobe: Update error message when path is missing
Change default log level
depmod: Remove unprinted debug messages
depmod: Don't fall back to uname on bad version

Lucas De Marchi (4):
Add README.md file with build details
libkmod-module: fix return code in error path
libkmod: export new kmod_get_dirname() function
kmod 22

Natanael Copa (1):
build: let sed use posix ERE instead of GNU extension

Philippe De Swert (1):
insmod: do support -f

Lucas De Marchi
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