Re: enable dynamic debug - doubt

From: Peter Hurley
Date: Wed Nov 18 2015 - 16:09:01 EST

On 11/17/2015 07:40 AM, Muni Sekhar wrote:
> [ Please keep me in CC as I'm not subscribed to the list]
> Hello,
> The behaviour of dynamic debug prints are controlled via writing to a
> control file in the 'debugfs'
> filesystem(<debugfs>/dynamic_debug/control).

That's not the only method. You'll want to read
Documentation/dynamic-debug-howto.txt; specifically, "Debug Messages at
Module Initialization Time" for ways to enable dynamic debug messages at
module load time.

Peter Hurley

> Here I would like to know what order should the echo(for eg: echo -n
> 'module sdhci +p' > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control) be
> applied in relation to the module load - before or after?

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