Re: Asterisk deadlocks since Kernel 4.1

From: Stefan Priebe
Date: Wed Nov 18 2015 - 16:36:33 EST

Am 18.11.2015 um 22:18 schrieb Florian Weimer:
On 11/18/2015 09:23 PM, Stefan Priebe wrote:

Am 17.11.2015 um 20:43 schrieb Thomas Gleixner:
On Tue, 17 Nov 2015, Stefan Priebe wrote:
I've now also two gdb backtraces from two crashes:

They don't tell me anything as I have no idea of the inner workings of
asterisk. You might be better of to talk to the asterisk folks to help
you track down what that thing is waiting for, so we can actually look
at a well defined area.

The asterisk guys told me it's a livelock asterisk is waiting for
getaddrinfo / recvmsg.

Thread 2 (Thread 0x7fbe989c6700 (LWP 12890)):
#0 0x00007fbeb9eb487d in recvmsg () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#1 0x00007fbeb9ed4fcc in ?? () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#2 0x00007fbeb9ed544a in ?? () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#3 0x00007fbeb9e92007 in getaddrinfo () from


please try to get a backtrace with debugging information. It is likely
that this is the make_request/__check_pf functionality in glibc, but it
would be nice to get some certainty.

sorry here it is. What I'm wondering is why is there ipv6 stuff? I don't have ipv6 except for link local. Could it be this one?

Thread 31 (Thread 0x7f295c011700 (LWP 26654)):
#0 0x00007f295de3287d in recvmsg () at ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S:82
#1 0x00007f295de52fcc in make_request (fd=35, pid=26631, seen_ipv4=<optimized out>, seen_ipv6=<optimized out>,
in6ai=<optimized out>, in6ailen=<optimized out>) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c:119
#2 0x00007f295de5344a in __check_pf (seen_ipv4=0x7f295c00e85f, seen_ipv6=0x7f295c00e85e, in6ai=0x7f295c00e840,
in6ailen=0x7f295c00e838) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c:271
#3 0x00007f295de10007 in *__GI_getaddrinfo (name=0x7f295c00e8b0 "", service=0x7f295c00e8bc "2135",
hints=0x7f295c00e910, pai=0x7f295c00e908) at ../sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c:2389
#4 0x000000000050287e in ast_sockaddr_resolve (addrs=0x7f295c00e9d0, str=0x7f295c00ea30 "", flags=0, family=2)
at netsock2.c:268
#5 0x00007f2958963ba2 in ast_sockaddr_resolve_first_af (addr=0x7f29300591d8, name=0x7f295c00ea30 "", flag=0,
family=2) at chan_sip.c:30689
#6 0x00007f2958963cb5 in ast_sockaddr_resolve_first_transport (addr=0x7f29300591d8, name=0x7f295c00ea30 "",
flag=0, transport=1) at chan_sip.c:30720
#7 0x00007f29588fd3cc in set_destination (p=0x7f2930058cc8, uri=0x7f29300576e8 "sip:9052@xxxxxxxxxxx:2135;line=to7a729l")
at chan_sip.c:10455
#8 0x00007f29588fe6e0 in reqprep (req=0x7f295c00fee0, p=0x7f2930058cc8, sipmethod=4, seqno=287, newbranch=1) at chan_sip.c:10778
#9 0x00007f295890a201 in transmit_state_notify (p=0x7f2930058cc8, state=1, full=1, timeout=0) at chan_sip.c:13259
#10 0x00007f29589141bb in cb_extensionstate (context=0x7f295c010cd0 "hints", exten=0x7f295c010c80 "9052QS", state=1,
data=0x7f2930058cc8) at chan_sip.c:15117
#11 0x000000000050ebf6 in handle_statechange (datap=0x7f293acef830) at pbx.c:4972
#12 0x0000000000555f8e in tps_processing_function (data=0x1f24f28) at taskprocessor.c:327
#13 0x0000000000569280 in dummy_start (data=0x1ed76f0) at utils.c:1173
#14 0x00007f295d5dcb50 in start_thread (arg=<optimized out>) at pthread_create.c:304
#15 0x00007f295de3195d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:112
#16 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

Which glibc version do you use? Has it got a fix for CVE-2013-7423?

So far, the only known cause for a hang in this place (that is, lack of
return from recvmsg) is incorrect file descriptor use. (CVE-2013-7423
is such an issue in glibc itself.) The kernel upgrade could change
scheduling behavior, and the actual bug might have been latent before.

Theoretically, recvmsg could also hang if the Netlink query was dropped
by the kernel, or the final packet in the response was dropped. We
never saw that happen, even under extreme load, but I didn't test with
recent kernels.

The glibc change Hannes mentioned won't detect the hang, but if there is
incorrect file descriptor reuse going on, it is possible that the new
assert catches it.


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