linux-next: manual merge of the audit tree with Linus' tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Wed Nov 18 2015 - 20:06:23 EST

Hi Paul,

Today's linux-next merge of the audit tree got a conflict in:


between commit:

d0164adc89f6 ("mm, page_alloc: distinguish between being unable to sleep, unwilling to sleep and avoiding waking kswapd")

from Linus' tree and commit:

14eeba1d242e ("audit: include auditd's threads in audit_log_start() wait exception")

from the audit tree.

I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as necessary (no action
is required).

Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

diff --cc kernel/audit.c
index bc2ff61bc1d6,ca1b9cda2766..000000000000
--- a/kernel/audit.c
+++ b/kernel/audit.c
@@@ -1371,9 -1371,9 +1371,9 @@@ struct audit_buffer *audit_log_start(st
if (unlikely(audit_filter_type(type)))
return NULL;

- if (gfp_mask & __GFP_WAIT) {
+ if (gfp_mask & __GFP_DIRECT_RECLAIM) {
- if (audit_pid && audit_pid == current->pid)
+ if (audit_pid && audit_pid == current->tgid)
- gfp_mask &= ~__GFP_WAIT;
+ gfp_mask &= ~__GFP_DIRECT_RECLAIM;
reserve = 0;
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