Re: [GIT PULL] optimize 64-by-32 ddivision for constant divisors on 32-bit machines

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 11:28:29 EST

On Monday 16 November 2015 20:20:38 Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> Arnd,
> Please pull the following branch:
> git:// div64
> This contains those patches I've initially posted here:
> Only changes to those posted patches are cosmetic improvements such as
> the use of ilog2() replacing the custom __div64_ffs(). Exposure in
> linux-next would be a good thing.
> I also included fixes for a couple do_div() misuses that an allyesconfig
> build turned up after switching ARM to the generic do_div() code.
> Those patches have been posted separately and addressed to relevant
> maintainers. They are included here until/unless those maintainers
> include those patches in their tree.
> Original cover letter:
> This is a generalization of the optimization I produced for ARM a decade
> ago to turn constant divisors into a multiplication by the divisor
> reciprocal. Turns out that after all those years gcc is still not
> optimizing things on its own for that case.
> This has important performance benefits as discussed in this thread:
> This series brings the formerly ARM-only optimization to all 32-bit
> architectures using C code by default. The possibility for the actual
> multiplication to be implemented in assembly is provided in order to get
> optimal code. The ARM version can be used as an example implementation
> for other interested architectures to implement.

Pulled into my asm-generic tree now, it should show up in linux-next


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