RE: [PATCH 0/8] staging: comedi: some comedi_write() changes

From: Hartley Sweeten
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 12:38:09 EST

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 10:55 AM, Ian Abbott wrote:
> Tidy up the "write" file operation handler, `comedi_write()` a bit and
> improve the error handling.
> 1) staging: comedi: rearrange comedi_write() code
> 2) staging: comedi: do extra checks for becoming non-busy for "write"
> 3) staging: comedi: make some variables unsigned in comedi_write()
> 4) staging: comedi: avoid bad truncation of a size_t in comedi_write()
> 5) staging: comedi: allow buffer wraparound in comedi_write()
> 6) staging: comedi: return error on "write" if no command set up
> 7) staging: comedi: simplify returned errors for comedi_write()
> 8) staging: comedi: check for more errors for zero-length write
> drivers/staging/comedi/comedi_fops.c | 124 ++++++++++++++++-------------------
> 1 file changed, 56 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)


Other than the minor nit-pick in patch 1 about the 'count == 0'
when becoming non-busy (the same situation is in comedi_read),
this looks good to me. It also makes the 'write' look more like the


Reviewed-by: H Hartley Sweeten <hsweeten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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