RE: [UNTESTED PATCH] x86, mce: Avoid double entry of deferred errors into the genpool.

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 14:34:06 EST

> Applied, thanks.

Did you test it (note the "UNTESTED" in the subject!). My usual system for this is getting upgrades and being
flaky at the moment.

> Btw, looking at that mce.usable_addr, it doesn't make a whole lotta
> sense to me and we can use mce_usable_address() directly instead and use
> the byte in struct mce for something more important. So how about I kill
> it (diff ontop of yours):

Sure. "struct mce" is visible to user space via /dev/mcelog. But the only user is the
mcelog(8) daemon ... and it was never updated to look at the usable_addr field. So
returning it to "pad" status is fine.