clk: tango4: undefined CONFIG_ARCH_TANGOX

From: Valentin Rothberg
Date: Fri Nov 20 2015 - 03:50:47 EST

Hi Marc,

your commit ed12dfc92f01 ("clk: tango4: clkgen driver for Tango4
platforms") has shown up in today's linux-next tree (i.e.,
next-20151120) adding the following build condition to the tango4 clk

drivers/clk/Makefile:45:obj-$(CONFIG_ARCH_TANGOX) += clk-tango4.o

However, ARCH_TANGOX is nowhere defined in Kconfig so that the driver
cannot be compiled at the current state. I checked the LKML, and found
a bunch of patches referencing ARCH_TANGOX as well, but I could not find
any patch adding this option.

Is there a patch queued somewhere that adds ARCH_TANGOX?

I detected the issue with scripts/ by diffing
yesterday's and today's linux-next.

Kind regards,
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