Re: Hibernate resume bug around 3,18-rc2 - Full PAT support

From: Juergen Gross
Date: Fri Nov 20 2015 - 07:23:56 EST

On 20/11/15 11:04, vasvir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I've just found a potential issue: In case MTRR is disabled by the BIOS
>> the PAT register of the boot processor won't be restored after resume.
>> Can you check whether pr_info("MTRR: Disabled\n") has been executed in
>> early boot? If yes, this might be a BIOS option.
> I don't have access right now. I will test it later tonight (This is my
> home machine).
> Would $dmesg | grep -i mtrr suffice or I need to look for the mtrr
> somewere else e.g. /proc /sys etc?

I think grepping for MTRR in dmesg should be enough.


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