Re: [PATCH] sp5100_tco: Add AMD Mullins platform support

From: Huang Rui
Date: Sun Nov 22 2015 - 22:36:07 EST

On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 10:54:08AM +0200, Denis Turischev wrote:
> Hi Rui,
> On 11/20/2015 04:33 AM, Huang Rui wrote:
> > Hi Denis,
> >
> > On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 05:56:00PM +0800, Denis Turischev wrote:
> >> AMD Mullins watchdog is fully compatible to the previous Hudson chipset,
> >> reuse the existent sp5100_tco driver.
> >>
> >
> > Thank you to add this support!
> > Actually, PCI_DEVICE_ID_AMD_HUDSON2_SMBUS is only the SMBus device id
> > on AMD mullins but also on many other AMD platforms. Could you please
> > share some test method to me, that I am glad to do some quick tests. :)
> My device is Compulabs's fitlet. It's a fanless mini PC, also known as mintbox mini.
> Processor's datasheet:
> The dmesg output:
> sp5100_tco: SP5100/SB800 TCO WatchDog Timer Driver v0.05
> sp5100_tco: PCI Revision ID: 0x42
> sp5100_tco: Using 0xfeb00000 for watchdog MMIO address
> sp5100_tco: Last reboot was not triggered by watchdog.
> sp5100_tco: initialized (0xffffc90000702000). heartbeat=60 sec (nowayout=0)

I verified it in my side. Thank you. :)
And found AMD new Carrizo platform also supported sp5100_tco watchdog.
I will send a patch to add support to KernCZ(Carrizo) chipset later.

Tested-by: Huang Rui <ray.huang@xxxxxxx>
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