Re: [PATCH] cpufreq: imx: Add cpufreq driver for imx7D/Solo SOC

From: Lucas Stach
Date: Mon Nov 23 2015 - 04:40:35 EST

Am Montag, den 23.11.2015, 22:07 +0800 schrieb Bai Ping:
> The i.MX7Dual/Solo is a new series of the i.MX SOC family.
> The existing cpufreq driver for 'i.MX6' or 'cpufreq-dt' can
> NOT match the requirement of this new SOC. This patch adds the
> cpufreq driver for i.MX7Dual/Solo.
So, what are those requirements, which could not be matched with
cpufreq-dt? We should really try to not add another cpufreq driver.

I don't see anything special in here. A single regulator and some clocks
needing to be controlled in the right way. That's already handled for
i.MX5 with cpufreq-dt. Please look up how it is done there and try to do
it the same way for MX7, or provide substantial information why it
couldn't be done.

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