Re: [PATCH v2 06/27] brcm80211: move under broadcom vendor directory

From: Arend van Spriel
Date: Mon Nov 23 2015 - 05:36:27 EST

On 11/23/2015 11:28 AM, Arend van Spriel wrote:
On 11/22/2015 06:23 PM, Kalle Valo wrote:
Arend van Spriel <arend@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On 11/19/2015 08:48 AM, Kalle Valo wrote:
Hauke Mehrtens <hauke@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On 11/18/2015 03:45 PM, Kalle Valo wrote:
Part of reorganising wireless drivers directory and Kconfig. Note
that I had to
edit Makefiles from subdirectories to use the new location.

Signed-off-by: Kalle Valo <kvalo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I would prefer to remove the brcm80211 directory in this process
and create:

This way we have one directory less.

I think this could be done separately. This patchset is big enough
already, I would not like to make it anymore complicated.

And I actually like the brcm80211 directory, I would not mind
keeping it

I prefer to keep it as brcmsmac and brcmfmac rely on brcmutil module
so I want to keep them together under brcm80211.

So does this patch go in before or after the patches I submitted
before the merge window. I hope after :-p

Sorry, the vendor patches go in first :) It's much safer that way.

But I think that git should be smart enough and your patchset from
before the merge window should still apply without issues.

Will see if that is true when I merge it in our internal repo. :-p

Just applied the pending patches using 'git am -3' and that works fine. So when told to be smart, git is indeed smart ;-)


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