Need direction to understand mac80211

From: Sunil Shahu
Date: Wed Jan 27 2016 - 00:22:35 EST


I am currently working on an project that aims to provide multiple 802.11ac radio support on a single node for mesh network. In this both the radios will operate in different channel and will talk to different nodes in mesh network.

I need to work with kernel mac80211 driver subsystem for the same. I went through different documentation to understand the theories of 802.11s which can help during working on mac80211 driver. However I am not able to understand the source code properly.

Can you please provide some guidance to understand mac80211 and related networking stack in Linux kernel.

I am looking for
1) How to create bridge bridge for two Phy radios during initialization/packet forwarding?
2) Also, need some idea about how packets will be routed in mesh_hwmp.
3) How the path request and response should behave in this case?
4) Will there be any changes for mesh path table entries?

Any suggestion for document/book/blog will be great help.

I already went through following materials.

Any suggestion and directions will be great help.

Sunil Shahu.