Re: [linux-review:James-Hogan/kbuild-Remove-stale-asm-generic-wrappers/20160119-183642] d979f99e9cc14e2667e9b6e268db695977e4197a BUILD DONE

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Jan 27 2016 - 04:44:59 EST

On Wednesday 27 January 2016 17:30:18 Fengguang Wu wrote:

> > Looks good, I'm just unsure about "multi_v8_defconfig", this does not
> > exist. Do you mean multi_v5_defconfig?

> Ah yes, multi_v8_defconfig does not exist actually.

Ok, can you include multi_v5_defconfig than?

I see you have one named "arm-arm5", which may be the same.

> > I also wonder if you include 'randconfig' builds for some architectures.
> > I have patches for all remaining errors and warnings that I see with
> > ARM randconfig builds today. Not all of them are merged yet, but I could
> > probably come up with a file to be used as input to KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG
> > to eliminate the known-broken configurations, if you are interested.
> If the are mostly ready for upstream, it may be easier to wait until
> upstream randconfig works just fine for ARM.

I have around 130 patches for warnings that I'm submitting at the moment, but
there are a couple of really tricky ones that I don't currently have
a good plan for:

- in some configurations, you end up without any boards selected, hitting
an #error in the final link
- ARMv3 support in gcc is rather broken and causes internal compiler errors
among other things
- the old ELF format (OABI) doesn't work in some cases
- GCOV_PROFILE_ALL causes problems that need to be debugged
- XIP_KERNEL sometimes causes kallsyms to fail
- not all platforms implement the complete clk API, if they don't
use CONFIG_COMMON_CLK (I have patch for that we can probably merge)
- CONFIG_PHYS_OFFSET needs to be entered manually to be a number
in 'make config'
- same for DEBUG_LL