Re: JFFS2 deadlock

From: Thomas . Betker
Date: Thu Jan 28 2016 - 03:31:40 EST

Hello Brian:

> No, I'm pretty sure this is not the first report. I think there have
> even been patches. The problem is that JFFS2 is effectively
> unmaintained, despite what MAINTAINERS has to say about it.
> Previous reports:
> Subject: Another JFFS2 deadlock, kernel 3.4.11
> Subject: [JFFS2] Revision "jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in
> jffs2_write_begin" introduces another dead lock.

> For reference: outstanding patches, waiting for a maintainer (I've been
> keeping patchwork up-to-date, mostly, but I'm not touching JFFS2 myself,
> for the most part):

Subject: [PATCH] Revert "jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in

This is a patch revising my original patch, which I sent to linux-mtd on
10-Nov-2015. I didn't see a response yet, but it's one of the outstanding
patches above.

Best regards,