Re: [PATCH] ld-version: fix it on Fedora

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Date: Sat Jan 30 2016 - 08:39:01 EST

On Mon, 25 Jan 2016, Alexander Kapshuk wrote:

> > > At the moment, I'm wondering whether we really need to handle more
> > > than three version number components. Another thought is that the
> > > comparison could be inside (or a replacement) so that
> > > it can compare the array of version components directly instead of
> > > using a constructed integer as a proxy.

I don't think going beyond three version number components makes sense,
to be honest. Any such numbers will be non-standard third-party releases.
Upstream binutils use a three-component versioning scheme. Even the third
component only makes sense because sometime we may actually rely on a bug
fix first available with a maintenance release; these reach single-digit
numbers only and hardly ever above 1 actually as another base release is
usually made quickly enough (the usual schedule was annual, although as
from 2.26, out last Monday, it has been switched to a semi-annual cycle).

> I put the latter of the two methods that worked for you it into a
> script, shown below:
> #!/usr/bin/awk -f
> # extract linker version number from stdin and turn into single number
> /[0-9]+([.]?[0-9]+)+/ && !/not found$/{
> match($0, /[0-9]+([.]?[0-9]+)+/)
> ver=substr($0,RSTART,RLENGTH)
> split(ver, a, ".")
> print a[1]*10000000 + a[2]*100000 + a[3]*1000
> exit
> }
> And tried it out on the following input:
> % echo |
> 22451000

So the above version is a non-release snapshot from the development tree
as the repository trunk is switched to x.y+1.51 once a release branch for
x.y has been made. Then the release branch is switched to x.y-1.90 for
prereleases, before settling on x.y or x.y.0 (this hasn't been consistent)
for the actual base release. Any subsequent maintenance releases will
then have their version set to x.y.1, x.y.2, and so on. We shouldn't ever
rely on versions that are not proper releases.

> % echo 'GNU ld version 2.25-15.fc23' |
> 22500000

So this is a base 2.25 release (obviously with vendor patches, hopefully
not breaking what we might rely on).