Re: [PATCH 3/5] usb: gadget: gmidi: remove bus powered requirement on bmAttributes

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Tue Mar 08 2016 - 09:06:09 EST


Felipe Ferreri Tonello <eu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> its easy and simple to setup and use. So I think before we have some
>> so is configfs.
>>> sort of preset library of configfs-based gadget drivers, we still need
>>> these modules.
>> there is already a library called libusbg.
> By preset library I meant scripts or little programs that implement the
> legacy drivers we have.

like this ?

>>> Any suggestions on that?
>>> Do you want to support what I am proposing for gmidi.ko or just ignore
>>> it and move on to configfs?
>> I prefer to not touch these gadget drivers if at all necessary. If you
>> fixing a bug, then sure we must fix bugs. But you're not fixing a bug
>> and, on top of that, you're adding regressions and violating the USB
>> spec. This shows that you're writing these patches without knowing
>> (and/or even caring about) the specification at all.
> Yes, I see your point. My mistake was to not to enforce the first bit to
> be set enabling the user to break the USB spec. I didn't think of that

right, that was the problem.

> scenario. And that's why it's always useful to have kernel maintainers
> and others to provide such insights. :)

yeah, no problem ;-)


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