Re: [PATCH 00/23] Nokia N950 display support

From: Tomi Valkeinen
Date: Wed Mar 09 2016 - 11:24:44 EST

On 09/03/16 18:19, Emil Velikov wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> On 8 March 2016 at 16:39, Sebastian Reichel <sre@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> arch/arm/boot/dts/omap3-n950-n9.dtsi | 72 +++++++++
>> arch/arm/boot/dts/omap3-n950.dts | 71 +++++++++
> Just a friendly reminder that updating these and one will have to keep
> the driver backwards compatible forever.
> Tomi, has been in the process of removing all the unneeded cruft,
> although omapdrm it is still using the custom panel, dsi and other
> code as opposed to the ones provided by DRM. As he gets to reusing
> those he might have some fun keeping things compatible.
> It's up-to Tomi to decide, just thought I point it out.

I haven't looked at this series yet, but all the omap display DT
bindings have been designed to be correct, and while omapdrm will
receive lots of changes, I don't see any need to touch anything in the
DT side.

Of course, if we will be using some existing common driver which
implements bindings in some other way, it'll cause some complexities...


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