Re: [PATCH 1/3] net: thunderx: Cleanup PHY probing code.

From: Florian Fainelli
Date: Fri Mar 11 2016 - 14:39:13 EST

On 11/03/16 11:06, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> I don't see why it should wait around forever. I have boards with
>>> Marvell PHYs, yet if i don't build the Marvell driver, the Ethernet
>>> driver still loads, because the generic PHY driver is used instead.
>>> Why does this not work here?
>> As I said before, there is no driver for the device, so
>> of_phy_find_device() will always return NULL.
> I'm not yet convinced this is true. I really do expect that the
> generic PHY driver will bind to it. It might then go horribly wrong,
> because it is not standard compliant, but that is a different issue.

I concur with Andrew here, unless the PHY is guaranteed to return
garbage when get_phy_id() is called, there is a good chance that the
Generic PHY driver will be bound to this PHY device, or this is not
happening for you for some reason?

> The generic driver should probably have a black list for such devices.
> This is a PHY issue, not an MDIO issue, and the problem should be
> solved in the PHY layer, not in one MDIO driver.

I considered the possibility once of disabling the generic PHY driver,
such that systems where the vendor-specific PHY driver is expected to be
used could utilize that. That does not play well with the fixed PHYs
using the generic PHY driver though, anyway, I am digressing.

> We should also consider what happens when somebody actually writes a
> driver for this PHY. Are you not going to use it?
> Before this patchset, you did not special case this compatible
> string. So at the very least, you need to split this into a separate
> patch, so the maintainers can ACK/NACK it, independent of the other
> change it is embedded in.
> Andrew