Kernel ABI report

From: Ponomarenko Andrey
Date: Sat Mar 12 2016 - 12:06:07 EST


I continued to maintain ABI report for the Linux kernel here:

The report represents history of ABI changes since 2.6.36 up to 4.4.5 version of the kernel. It is now generated by the ABI tracker, ABI monitor, ABI dumper and ABI compliance checker tools. All of them are open-source and shared on github:

Unlike the previous version the new tracker checks only public ABI symbols exported by the Linux kernel, i.e. declared in the ksymtab/ksymtab_gpl binary sections + system calls. The report is generated for the defconfig/x86_64 configuration of the Linux kernel (vmlinux) and basic kernel modules (nf_log_common.ko, nf_nat.ko, ...).

The reports of the old-version ABI tracker for the Linux kernels 2.6.32-3.15 are still available at:

Thank you.