[RT] Warning from swake_up_all_locked in rt-4.4.4-rt11

From: Clark Williams
Date: Sun Mar 13 2016 - 23:54:20 EST

I'm hitting the WARN_ON(wakes > 2) in $SUBJECT when resuming from suspend on my laptop (quad-core i7 with HT on). Looks like the warning gets hit 36 times on resume. E.g.:

Call Trace:
[<ffffffff813c13c0>] dump_stack+0x65/0x85
[<ffffffff810a7572>] warn_slowpath_common+0x82/0xd0
[<ffffffff810a76ca>] warn_slowpath_null+0x1a/0x20
[<ffffffff810ec8d8>] swake_up_all_locked+0x68/0x80
[<ffffffff810ecd40>] complete_all+0x30/0x50
[<ffffffff81506328>] device_resume_noirq+0x48/0x190
[<ffffffff8150648d>] async_resume_noirq+0x1d/0x50
[<ffffffff810ca188>] async_run_entry_fn+0x48/0x130
[<ffffffff810c14a9>] process_one_work+0x139/0x480
[<ffffffff810c1847>] worker_thread+0x57/0x490
[<ffffffff810c17f0>] ? process_one_work+0x480/0x480
[<ffffffff810c779d>] kthread+0xed/0x110
[<ffffffff810c76b0>] ? kthread_worker_fn+0x150/0x150
ehci-pci 0000:00:1a.0: System wakeup disabled by ACPI
[<ffffffff817b0d0f>] ret_from_fork+0x3f/0x70
[<ffffffff810c76b0>] ? kthread_worker_fn+0x150/0x150
---[ end trace 0000000000000002 ]---

This trace (and a similar one with device_resume) happens on all cpus so the trace info is kinda jumbled up. I'll try it with WARN_ON_ONCE instead tomorrow.

I'll send the console log if you want it.


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