Re: [PATCH v8 0/4] Introduce usb charger framework to deal with the usb gadget power negotation

From: Baolin Wang
Date: Mon Mar 28 2016 - 02:51:53 EST

On 25 March 2016 at 15:09, Peter Chen <hzpeterchen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 08:35:53PM +0800, Baolin Wang wrote:
>> Currently the Linux kernel does not provide any standard integration of this
>> feature that integrates the USB subsystem with the system power regulation
>> provided by PMICs meaning that either vendors must add this in their kernels
>> or USB gadget devices based on Linux (such as mobile phones) may not behave
>> as they should. Thus provide a standard framework for doing this in kernel.
>> Now introduce one user with wm831x_power to support and test the usb charger,
>> which is pending testing. Moreover there may be other potential users will use
>> it in future.
> I am afraid I still not find the user (udc driver) for this framework, I would
> like to see how udc driver block the enumeration until the charger detection
> has finished, or am I missing something?

It is not for udc driver but for power users who want to negotiate
with USB subsystem.

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> Peter Chen

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