Tegra boots failing due to as3722 I/O errors

From: Mark Brown
Date: Tue Mar 29 2016 - 15:03:36 EST


Currently the Jetson TK1 is failing to get regulators for MMC with at
least my regulator tree and probably -next also due to:

[ 1.665750] as3722 4-0040: AS3722 with revision 0x1 found
[ 1.682945] +VDDIO_SDMMC3: failed to get the current voltage(-22)
[ 1.689135] as3722-regulator as3722-regulator: regulator 13 register failed -22
[ 1.697593] as3722-regulator: probe of as3722-regulator failed with error -22

The get voltage operation here is just a simple mapping of a bitfield in
the regmap which suggests that the underlying problem is somewhere
further down the stack like the MFD or I2C drivers. The error is
-EINVAL which suggests something like the register not being marked as
readable but the _VOLTAGE_REG registers appear to be marked as readable
in the MFD.

Full log for one boot at:


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