Re: (mostly) Arch-independent livepatch

From: Jessica Yu
Date: Tue Mar 29 2016 - 17:13:40 EST

+++ Jessica Yu [22/03/16 20:03 -0400]:

Patches based on linux-next.

Previous patchset (v5) found here:

- Since we hard-code the field widths for the objname and symbol name
for the sscanf() calls, which are supposed to correspond to the values
of MODULE_NAME_LEN and KSYM_NAME_LEN, use BUILD_BUG_ON() to detect when
the values of these constants deviate from the expected values.
- Squash the sample livepatch module patch into patch 4
("livepatch: reuse module loader code to write relocations") so
git bisects don't break
- Don't need the klp_buf struct, just use plain char arrays to hold the
output of sscanf(). Also, no need to clear the bufs after every
invocation, as sscanf() takes care to put a null byte at the end of
the bufs.
- Fix compiler kbuild errors for the !CONFIG_LIVEPATCH case
- Fixed some small module.c nits

Pinging Rusty, just in case this thread got buried :-)
How do the module.c changes look?