[PATCHv4 05/12] scripts/gdb: Support !CONFIG_MODULES gracefully

From: Kieran Bingham
Date: Wed Mar 30 2016 - 08:02:48 EST

If CONFIG_MODULES is not enabled, lx-lsmod tries to find
a non-existent symbol and generates an unfriendly traceback:

(gdb) lx-lsmod
Address Module Size Used by
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py", line 75, in invoke
for module in module_list():
File "scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py", line 24, in module_list
module_ptr_type = module_type.get_type().pointer()
File "scripts/gdb/linux/utils.py", line 28, in get_type
self._type = gdb.lookup_type(self._name)
gdb.error: No struct type named module.
Error occurred in Python command: No struct type named module.

Catch the error and return an empty module_list() for a clean command
output as follows:

(gdb) lx-lsmod
Address Module Size Used by

Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@xxxxxxxxxx>
scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py | 5 ++++-
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py b/scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py
index 6d9e1199ce57..61cc8a533cd8 100644
--- a/scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py
+++ b/scripts/gdb/linux/modules.py
@@ -21,8 +21,11 @@ module_type = utils.CachedType("struct module")

def module_list():
global module_type
+ modules = utils.gdb_eval_or_none("modules")
+ if modules is None:
+ return
module_ptr_type = module_type.get_type().pointer()
- modules = gdb.parse_and_eval("modules")

for module in lists.list_for_each_entry(modules, module_ptr_type, "list"):
yield module