Re: [PATCH 1/2] [media] atmel-isc: add the Image Sensor Controller code

From: Wu, Songjun
Date: Tue Apr 19 2016 - 04:29:26 EST

On 4/18/2016 15:24, Hans Verkuil wrote:
On 04/13/2016 09:44 AM, Songjun Wu wrote:
Add driver for the Image Sensor Controller. It manages
incoming data from a parallel based CMOS/CCD sensor.
It has an internal image processor, also integrates a
triple channel direct memory access controller master

Signed-off-by: Songjun Wu <songjun.wu@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Songjun,

Before this driver can be accepted it has to pass the v4l2-compliance test.
The v4l2-compliance utility is here:


Compile the utility straight from this repository so you're up to date.

First fix any failures you get when running 'v4l2-compliance', then do the
same when running 'v4l2-compliance -s' (now it is streaming as well) and
finally when running 'v4l2-compliance -f' (streaming and testing all available

I would like to see the output of 'v4l2-compliance -f' as part of the cover
letter of the next patch series.

Looking at the code I see that it will definitely fail a few tests :-)

Certainly the VIDIOC_CREATE_BUFS support in the queue_setup function is missing.
Read the comments for queue_setup in videobuf2-core.h for more information.

Thank you very much, I will pass the v4l2-compliance test before I send the version 2 patch.