Re: efi_enabled(EFI_PARAVIRT) use

From: Matt Fleming
Date: Sun May 01 2016 - 09:26:31 EST

On Sun, 01 May, at 11:24:18AM, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> Because the UEFI params for Dom0 are located under /hypervisor/uefi node
> instead of /chosen. So it needs to check whether it's a Dom0 then search
> and parse different node with different params arrays.

Why can't you search both nodes? Would you ever expect to see both for
a Dom0 kernel?

> So it still needs add another check to firstly parse the fdt to see if
> there is "xen,uefi-system-table" under /hypervisor/uefi node, right? I
> think it's a bit redundant compared with xen_initial_domain().

Sometimes you really do need to check xen_initial_domain(), but I do
not think this is such a case. And if we can get by without adding
that check, the code will be better for it.